Applying to Cambridge University – a Cambridge International Podcast

Join us for this Cambridge International podcast where we discuss applying to study at the University of Cambridge. We’re joined by Dr Sam Lucy, Director of Admissions for the Cambridge Colleges who shares her advice and explains the steps involved in applications to Cambridge. For free materials to help you prepare for pre-interview admissions assessments at the University of Cambridge, visit

If you’re looking for advice on how your Cambridge International A levels are accepted, head to 03:35 and the Cambridge International Project Qualification at 08:00.

For top tips on choosing a college, listen from 12:30. For advice on admissions tests, listen from 19:20.

To hear more about interviews, including those held overseas, listen from 21:20.  

We hope you find the podcast useful and good luck in your university applications.

For more information on where your Cambridge International qualifications can take you, visit our Recognitions webpage.

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Roshan Walkerley
By Roshan Walkerley

Roshan Walkerley is the Recognitions Manager for the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, part of the Cambridge International Global Recognitions team.

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