Why Cambridge? Watch our series of videos from Courtney House International School in South Africa to find out more

There are more than 100 Cambridge Schools in South Africa and Courtney House International School is one of them. Earlier this year we visited the school and spoke to students and teachers about what it’s like to study and teach the Cambridge curriculum.

Each video shows the benefits of teaching and learning with Cambridge, from the recognition and reach of our qualifications to the importance of teaching Art & Design.

The Executive Head shares the benefits of offering the Cambridge curriculum: “It provides students with a holistic approach to education.”

What’s it like to be a Cambridge International A Level student? “Anybody can enrol on the programme, and you will be set for life.”

A Cambridge International A Level student shares her experience: “I can take my studies further into university.”

Cambridge IGCSE Maths teacher shares how she supports learners: “It teaches students to love maths and not just to follow steps.”

Cambridge Art & Design teacher shares her passion for the subject: “It opens children’s eyes to their own abilities that they didn’t even know they had.”

Courtney House International in South Africa show us their school

Find out more about studying with Cambridge

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