Life as part of ‘Team India’

Melissa Balzano shares a visual insight into life as part of ‘Team India’ for Cambridge International Examinations.

melvin-leonardMelvin Leonard (pictured left) from Cambridge English was my travel companion on a couple of days. We share the Mumbai office with colleagues from Cambridge English and Melvyn is their Business Development Manager for schools in West India.Blog

For lunch, Team India has their lunch from a ‘dabbawallah’, the stacking cylinder of tins shown in the photo. In Mumbai, dabbawallahs are a very common way of delivering food to workers, costing about 70p a day.

These are home-cooked meals prepared by ‘work-from-home’ women. Every day about 5,000 dabbawallahs are delivered around Mumbai (a highly intricate delivery system) and provide a good income to the people who make them and a very tasty lunch to those who receive them.

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